Plant Health Care Services

We offer a range of diagnostic and treatment solutions for your trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants. When evaluating your plants, we look at the entire organism and its environment, including: 

  • Water and soil issues

  • Root health problems

  • Stakes, mulch, and cultural conditions

  • Structural weaknesses

  • Damage from animals and insect pests

  • Current and previously healed wounds

  • Fungal and bacterial problems

  • Nutrient deficiencies

As plants lack immune systems, heal slowly, and are entirely dependent on their surroundings, we believe in the importance of preventative maintenance. Often, simple matters such as removing stakes, trimming circling roots, and watering plants during droughts can make a huge impact on plants over the long run. 


When possible, we avoid chemical treatments, and use OMRI Listed® organic treatments whenever recommended. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

Above: Some of the many issues that we can help you avoid or treat with a timely plant health checkup

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